4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)

Tatak Rhe, a city of light and splendor. It also has a shadow side, where criminals and assassins thrive.

Clever and ambitious, Kirrin rises from the streets of a wealthy city to the palaces of powerful rulers, doing dark work on behalf of a power-hungry man.

Having botched his previous mission, Kirrin has one driving goal: to rise in the ranks of his overlord.

Before he can do that, he must win back his lord’s favor, a man who demands loyalty and success.

Given a chance to redeem himself, Kirrin is sent south to spy on a potential ally. While there, he gathers pieces of a puzzle he doesn’t understand. Afraid to return home without complete answers, Kirrin goes searching …

He finds a world filled with ghosts, supernatural creatures, and ancient ruins. What he uncovers could restore his position if he can survive long enough to get home…