Hunted: A fae fantasy romance (Fae Magic Book 1)


4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


His task is to kill her.

She’s surviving.

None of them expect families… The last thing Logan wants is to die when the Black Queen puts her Huntsman on a task. But one glimpse of the witch he was sent to destroy all modifications. Now, instead of riding to murder her, he’s riding to save her… and that’s his life’s greatest fucking journey.

Trina MacElvy despised elves throughout her existence. But now she’s crashing in touch with the enemy— and the one item she could save is the one item she never believed she would need… the embrace of true affection.

Immerse yourself in the fast-paced fantasy romance of Jessica Aspen… clever, seductive, and on the dark side only a little. Download today’s HUNTED.

And now he’d murder the wench for a hint of… HUNTED, and do this dance between himself and the Tuatha De Danann’s king. And when he was denied discharge by the king? When the moment arrived, he would cope with that.

The wind was carrying the sage’s warm cold smell combined with the scent of anxiety and musky woman. He inhaled the witch’s raw flavor, the taste of her fear, anger, and power, slid his throat down, relieving his rage.

The worried hounds were moving around him, feeling their prey’s closeness. The rock was capped by Solanum.

And she’s been there.

Her vision pushed him away like a punch, nearly bringing him down to the floor. And he realized, fifteen years had been too lengthy to be without a female, despite the stasis.

Her bare flesh and the silver blade of the athame that shone between her breasts were limned by glimmers of energy. Her arms were mildly spaced apart, ready to fight. Long black skin cracked and statically raised. Her passionate personality was on the brink of a challenge, her brain trapped between the need to maintain the curse and the need for intervention.

He paused to let him roll through the feeling of power and woman.