5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

They have returned! As General Patrick will soon discover, not only does the darkness lurking in the night sky seem to be back, but something is different this time and much more dangerous. The new Gomers, are they here to make peace or to conquer? Is it a new war, or is it just a continuation of the last one? Did this enemy learn from previous errors, or is there a new challenge in the world now? The world faces a fresh and much more insidious challenge than ever before, as the Gomer saga continues, and it can only be hoped that we have made good use of the few years after the last war.

What is certain is that the Gomers are much smarter, and much more brutal, now threatening our planet than anything humanity has ever faced before. It is important to stop this new hell that explodes in the night! Oh, but how? It is up to both General Patrick and President Blanchard, as in the First Gomer War, to establish allegiances all over the world and to amass the necessary and surviving technology to meet this new challenge. This is not an alliance of the willing, but a massification of all humanity on an unforeseen scale, even after the last attacks on Gomer. Mankind is forced to fight a desperate fight to the death, and this time, like the last war, there can be no second place. The hell in the night must be stopped without hesitation or mercy for the participants in this battle.

Praise for the First Gomer Battles, They Own the Night:

They Own the Night is a successful all-around journey. …readers of hard science fiction will enjoy it at all stages… Meticulously designed and organized, it is obviously the work of an author who knows the subject matter deeply.