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Commander of ravens, wielder of shadows, Queen of Corvids, born of Huginn Muninn, creation of Odin and the Morrígan…
Sounds impressive, right?

Yeah, that’s not me.

I’m Juniper Crawford, the fox-shifting half-sibling of the aforementioned badass. Along with my computer geek brother, I’ve taken over the family’s private investigation business. I’ve grown up around weird cases so when one of mine reveals the existence of a secret organization, I’m not surprised.

What does shock me is the sudden attention from the fae. Living in my sister’s shadow has kept me blissfully overlooked until now. I’m already irritated with this sudden exposure so when a certain dark fae magically appears with timing a little too perfect and an offer a little too good, I’m only slightly tempted to accept.

This fox shifter needs to level up, but will I lose myself in the process?