Druid Apprentice: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel


5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


I’m Colin McCool, an extraordinary druid apprentice with world-class trouble magnet. The skin of my teeth endured my last meeting with the Dark Druid. But that stunt caught the gaze of some highly cruel gods who now see me as a menace to their very life… Hashtag FML, amirite?

Now, I’m in a competition to learn druid magic methods, all while remaining one move ahead of the immortal killers attempting to destroy me. Question is, can I use sufficient authority to safeguard the individuals I enjoy from the deities ‘ god fury?

Even my odds are doubtful. But with a slew of furious demigods on my back and a balancing existence for a friend, I have only one choice— fight or be doomed to Tech Duinn’s deceased domain permanently.