5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Switching bodies was a piece of cake. Too bad my new body is already occupied.
I was a successful woman in my mid-fifties, a champion of vulnerable women and a seeker of the arcane. From a troubled past, I earned poise, confidence, and experience. Until an explosion killed me.
It’s a shock when a friend’s desperate spell forces my soul into a nearby woman’s dying body, but I won’t say no to fewer aches, unlined skin, and a youthful start for my old ambitions. The problem is, an elemental spirit took possession of that same body during the explosion, and spirits don’t make good roommates.
Too bad. He’s not the only one without options. If I can control him—before he controls me—his magical powers will let me harness the power of the wind. Sexy legs and magic to help the downtrodden? Yes, please. All I need now is an outlet for my new talents, and when a secret sisterhood begs me to help them fend off thuggish attackers hellbent on stealing their magical artifact, I’m the only defense against their deepest fears.