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“There are no vampires, at least no longer…” I loved when vampires were proclaimed obsolete.

For millennia, these creatures had been prey to humanity, executing meaningless, violent killings. Like the remainder of my Occult Bureau peers, I stared forward to a globe where we could all relax at night— where there was no longer a need for steady cover-up employment to maintain the government calm and unconscious.

The beginning of vampires, however, was not the start of our issues. It was just the start.

In the evening, other blood-sucking animals started to lurk. I became a floor officer at the Bureau as quickly as I reached twenty-one because I wanted — no, I needed— to enter the battle.

And then Dorian Clave exploded into my life, turning into quicksand all I believed I understood. Like him, vampires were murderers who devoured the internal mystery of humanity until ghosts moved under their skin. Yet he had more than that to him.

He showed me that light can’t exist without the dark, and our human minds couldn’t even understand the implications of attempting to battle this equilibrium.

Because blackness requires to occur sometimes.

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